Watch your back, Alison. No clone is safe. (x)

Orphan Black Season 2 premieres 4.19.14. Monitor  OrphanBlackTV on Instagram for daily sneak peeks.

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im surprised that no one has made the correlation between helena surviving and kira surviving being hit by a car.

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There’s only one of me.

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While Evelyne was handing out muffins at the screening

  • Guy next to me: What flavor are they?
  • Evelyne: I don't know man. Orphan Black flavored.
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2x01 Best Moments

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Tatiana is the best living actor in the world!
Evelyne’s reaction to seeing the OB premiere for the first time after the screening (via cophinescockerspaniels)
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Coconut macaroons even though I don’t eat coconut xp #justbecause #hopefullytheyarecooked

I woke up late today for easter mass xp I’m glad holy week is over. #happyeaster everybody! Xp

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  • Sarah: Awkward hug?
  • Leekie: Awkward hug.
  • ...
  • Both: PAT PAT
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